Recognising the community’s key role in addressing community issues, the CEP pulls together and leverages a myriad of resources to better coordinate care and services to residents. Anchored by TOUCH, this network reduces the confusion of navigating our support system and the risk of vulnerable residents slipping through the cracks. Our partners include grassroots, health and social care organisations.

Collaborations include regular case conferencing on complex cases with the AMKFSC. A Community Health Post, supported by the National Healthcare Group, has also been set up to monitor residents’ health and teach them to prevent or manage chronic health issues. Community health screenings are also conducted regularly. Supported by resident volunteers, these are held at local gathering points with high footfall like the Chong Boon Market & Food Centre to make it convenient for residents to have their health checked.

TOUCH also taps on the services and expertise of other community stakeholders - through the Ang Mo Kio Partners Network - to better coordinate support services for clients in common, as well as equip residents with the relevant skills and knowledge to support vulnerable seniors. Besides grassroots organisations and community services, we also tap on the expertise of the Singapore Police Force, Social Service Offices, Silver Generation Office and the Community Network for Seniors to plan and deliver workable solutions.