Given Singapore’s rapidly ageing population, the need for healthcare and support services will increase in tandem with the rising numbers of older people. To reduce this reliance and the associated cost, preventive measures, including health screening, diet control and adopting a regular exercise regime help individuals stay fit, delay the onset of frailty and reduce the need for support.

The Community Enablement Project (CEP) creates awareness about healthy living and its benefits. As more residents live longer, there is an imperative to increase the number of healthy years to improve their quality of life. Residents are engaged through various platforms and empowered to maintain their functional ability and independence to age in place. Residents are also equipped to be advocates in their community and support one another for better health outcomes.

Our rehabilitation team identifies ways to maximise seniors’ optimal strength, enabling them to continue enjoying their daily trip to the coffeeshop or running errands in their neighbourhood.

Our health initiatives include:

Day Rehabilitation Centre

Complementing its efforts to keep residents fit and healthy, TOUCH set up its first Day Rehabilitation centre at [email protected] 433 for adults and seniors with rehabilitation needs. Supported by its team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists, residents can attend individual or group sessions. 

It’s objective is to support residents’ functional recovery so they can age in place and enjoy healthier years. They can also move on to to benefit from other heath and psycho social programmes, get to know other residents and learn to take greater ownership over their health and regain their independence. 

Government subsidies are available to those who qualify. 

For enquirers please call 6253 0492 or email [email protected]

Strength Training Sessions

Conducted by a team of therapists and trainers to build strength and endurance for our body and limbs.

Developing a strong foundation in our muscles for stability is crucial to building strength, stamina, flexibility and balance. These are key to preventing falls.  Through our strength training sessions, we hope to reverse physical decline and frailty, which is integral to preventive care, treatment and the rehabilitation of seniors.

As part of community enablement, our team has been conducting exercise training sessions at a void deck in Ang Mo Kio since 2015. The sessions have been well received with 376 individuals taking part in its functional exercise programme in 2019.

Residents have started to reap the benefits of keeping fit – progressing from a frail to pre-frail state. Some no longer need to depend on a wheelchair while others can now walk longer distances steadily or with the help of a walking aid.

During the pandemic, TOUCH also started virtual fitness programmes targeting residents with varying mobility proficiency to further optimise their fitness levels.

Virtual Fitness Programme:

Get Fit! Easy 

You can now stay fit and healthy in the comfort of your home. Try out our newly launched virtual exercise classes where you can look forward to a refreshing experience with new routines and variations catered to your fitness level. Our caring health coach will guide you on your posture and movements as you exercise.

1. CardioMix:

Description: A blend of low-impact aerobics, balance & seated core exercise workouts at the end of the session.

Goal: To improve cardiovascular health and balance

Level of intensity: Low

Equipment: Chair

2. Tone & Stretch

Description: Suitable for all fitness levels; low intensity workout

Goal: Tones up your muscle, increases your range of motion and flexibility

Equipment: Two dumb bells and a chair 

One-time fee: $20

Fee for each run: $32 (valid for each run or 8 sessions)
Note: Each run comprises 8 exercise sessions held within a month (twice a week).

For enquiries, please call Care Line at 6804 6555 or email [email protected].

We will conduct a survey prior to the start of the class to assess the participant’s fitness level and suitability. We advise participants to consult their doctor before beginning any exercise programmes if they have any existing medical issues.

Do check that you have a stable Wi-Fi connection at home and can operate Zoom independently.

Community Health Screening

Conducted by healthcare providers to make health screening services accessible

Community Health Post

Supported by community partners' nurses and health coaches to monitor residents’ health and address chronic health issues

Gym Tonic programme

A customised strength-training programme with machines, coached by therapists and trainers to benefit both healthy seniors as well as those who need rehabilitation

[email protected] 433 is a community engagement and activation facility at Blk 433 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, will run Lien Foundation’s “Gym Tonic”. This is a customised strength-training programme for seniors that help build muscle strength and fight frailty. Supervised by certified trainers, the programme will support both healthy seniors and those who need rehabilitation.

Mental and Health Talk

Create awareness and provide tips on healthy living and disease prevention.

Diabetes Peer Support Group

Promote good diabetes management through peer support and prevent onset of diabetes.