Connecting People

Studies indicate that greater interaction and social relationships help seniors enjoy a higher quality of life and even live longer! Most experience better sleep, feel more alert and fit to perform daily activities on their own.

Seniors who live alone may become socially isolated, depressed or suffer from mental or chronic ill health. Through our Community Enablement Project (CEP), we draw residents out, and journey with them to discover their capacity for building friendships, shared values and interests. Our befrienders under the Neighbourhood Care Networks at TOUCHpoint@AMK 433 provide a range of support to reach out to vulnerable seniors while the CREST team continues to engage residents with knowledge on mental health and run activities to upkeep their general well-being.

“Whether it is exercising together or bonding over a meal, residents can learn to step out of their comfort zone to recharge themselves and learn to contribute to society. We want to help them discover their interests and strengths, connect with residents in their neighbourhood and empower them to support the needs of seniors.” …Mr Kavin Seow, Senior Director, Elderly Group, TOUCH Community Services

The range of social platforms include:

  • Strength training sessions and specialty exercise classes
  • Diabetes Peer Support Group
  • Resident-led interest-based activities
  • Inter-generational activities
  • Outings and educational trips

Residents' Testimonies

“When I turned up at the void deck to join the exercise session, I did not see any familiar faces. But some residents found me familiar! Now, when I see my new friends at the market, I would wave, greet and chit chat with them.” 
…Ms Jessie Teo

“I enjoy getting to know the residents in this neighbourhood. Even though I have moved to another place, I still come for the activities. It is better to keep my mind occupied than to be stuck at home facing my four walls, doing routine tasks every day” …Mdm Florence Tan

“After TOUCH therapist came to my home to help me walk again, I have been exercising with residents at the void deck. I feel so happy. Now I have something to look forward to. People here have learnt to be sensitive to the needs of old people. This gives seniors like us a sense of security and acceptance.” …Mdm Chew Swee Leng, 75, ex-TOUCH Home Care client who lives alone