TOUCH Mental Wellness (TMW) runs personalised therapy and counselling programmes to empower individuals to rise above their circumstances. An advocate of mental wellness, TMW has been organising mental wellness awareness mass runs, talks and workshops since 2015. It works closely with corporations to conduct mental wellness talks with an aim of equipping employees with handles to cope with stress and help them build resilience. It also specialises in mental wellness awareness and educational programmes for schools.

Our team of qualified counsellors and social workers help youths and their families address mental wellness issues through intervention methods such as:

  • Assessment
  • Face to face
  • Support Groups 
  • Family Therapy
  • Do You M.I.N.D.? (A school-based mental health programme)
  • Upper Room (A mental health support group for youths)

Do You M.I.N.D.?

Do You M.I.N.D.? is a programme by TOUCH that uses innovative approaches such as adventure-based experiential learning and virtual reality immersive experience to equip youths with knowledge to mind their mental health. The practical steps highlighted in the programme are:

M – Moderate stress and expectations for a balanced and healthy lifestyle

I – Include persons with mental health issues in their social circles

N – Notice preliminary signs and symptoms of mental health issues in their peers

D – Defend themselves by adopting positive coping habits

The programme also provides intervention services such as counselling and a support group, Upper Room, to enable youths to manage issues affecting them.


Upper Room

Upper Room is a 12-month mental health intervention programme consisting of individual, family and groupwork sessions for youths facing mental health issues. The programme aims to strengthen these youths by improving their emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and resilience through the employment of positive coping strategies and habits.

TOUCH Integrated Family Group (TIFG) aims to equip families with resources to face multi-faceted issues at different life stages. TIFG focuses on providing Resources to equip families to cope with different stressors, enabling families to strengthen Roles in transitions, and empower families to build Resilience. This is done through an integrated suite of services to support the family as a unit, with emphasis on education, intervention and advocacy.

Reached out to 2,219 students across nine schools through TOUCH Mental Wellness’ mental health education programme 

Launched an Eating Disorder Virtual Reality video to enhance students’ learning about eating disorders through the Do You M.I.N.D.? programme.

Conducted 16 online mental health workshops for corporate organisations and students, reaching 2,860 participants 

TOUCH Mental Wellness
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