Strengthening Your Marriage

Perhaps more challenging than marrying the person you love is to love the person you marry. Building a happy and fulfilling married life demands time, effort and commitment.

TOUCH Marriage Support provides the following programmes that help couples lay a strong foundation for a life-long marriage:

Marital Health Check

If regular routine checks are necessary for our physical bodies and cars, why not marital relationship?

Every marriage will benefit from a periodic check-in because over time, couples tend to lose the ability and desire to talk about or enrich their relationship when parenting, career, family, health and life transitions impact the vibrancy of their marital relationship.

Spend a few minutes and do a quick health check of your marital relationship now. Answer the questions below. For a better sensing, get your spouse to do the same exercise:



True / False


I can tell you what stresses my spouse is currently facing



I can list my spouse’s major aspiration and hopes in life



I know the names of some of the people who have been irritating my spouse lately



I really enjoy discussing things with my spouse.



My spouse is good at soothing me when I get upset.



We are pretty good listeners even when we have different positions on things.



Even though our interests are somewhat different, I enjoy my spouse’s interests.



I feel loved and cared for in this marital relationship.


The above questionnaire is taken from Gottman, John and Nan Silver: The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work: A Practical Guide From the Country’s Foremost Relationship Expert (New York: Three Rivers Press, 1999).

Scoring: The more “true” answers indicate a healthier marital relationship.

Contact us for a more detailed analysis & marital health check.

We recommend a regular marital check-in with the first check before the 5th year of marriage. At TOUCH, we offer a marital health check using the evidence based PREPARE ENRICH Relationship Assessment inventory to reignite companionship, romance, and commitment in your relationship. In the individualised session, our trained facilitators will help to unpack the findings of the assessment so that you will

  • Learn about your relationship strengths;
  • Have a better understanding of the underlying dynamics impacting your communication;
  • Be guided to develop skills to improve your growth areas.
  • Have insights to understand the why behind what is going on to bring repair and restoration in your relationship.


1 session of 2 hours for unpacking of the couple’s PE Assessment Inventory. The session is by individual couple format.

Fee: $180 per couple, inclusive of 7% GST (including online assessment tools and report)

For enquiries contact 6709 8400 or email [email protected]

For those of you whose spouse is not ready or able to do the health check together with you, TOUCH offers another evidence-based tool, the SYMBIS Assessment for you.

SYMBIS Assessment

The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized road map to making your marriage everything it was meant to be. It may just be the most important thing you can do for your relationship. The Assessment is grounded in multiple studies to ensure that it is both reliable and valid.

Take the assessment to discover:

  • Your Personalities - discover strengths you both bring to marriage
  • Your Love Life - cultivate deeper intimacy and lifelong passion
  • Your Fight Types - discover your “hot topics”
  • Your Talk Styles - crack the code for heartfelt and lasting connections
  • Your Deepest Longing - create your ultimate soul-to-soul connection
  • Your Money Methods - kick financial worries to the curb and deepen your connection with one another

SYMBIS Health Check-In

1 session of 2 hours for unpacking of the SYMBIS Report

Fee: $180 for the individual session, inclusive of 7% GST (including online assessment tools and report)

For enquiries contact 6709 8400 or email [email protected]

Intentional Mentoring – Heart of Marriage Enrichment (I.M. HOME) – For married couples only

Intentional Mentoring - Heart of Marriage Enrichment, I.M.HOME 从心开始 is an interactive and practical program to enable married couples to enrich their marriage and reconnect on a deeper emotional level using the Prepare Enrich relationship inventory as the guiding framework in building and strengthening relationship skills.

  • Pick up tips and practical handles that help strengthen and improve marital satisfaction
  • Learn about repair attempts that build friendship & companionship in marriage
  • Be guided by qualified and experienced facilitators in small group settings

Topics include:

  • How to establish safety as the foundation of marital relationship
  • Secrets to strengthening marital satisfaction
  • Effective Communication
  • Antidote to the 4 Danger signs in communication
  • Resolving & Managing the only 2 types of conflicts in marital relationship
  • Managing Emotional Flooding & Triggers
  • How to walk out of the Family of Origin Influence
  • Creating Love Map & Strengthening Companionship in Marriage

Duration: Total of 3 sessions. Each session is 3 hours.

Fees: S$300/- per couple, inclusive of 7%

Class format: Not more than 6 couples per class

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Feedback from past participants

"Thank you for the very fruitful sessions as well as the useful tools imparted.”
"Thank you for the very meaningful and helpful workshop.”

Marriage Bonding – Romancing for a Lifetime

Romancing for a Lifetime is a booster event designed to bring the sparks alive to marriages & to help married couples gain new insights into their marital relationship. An activity-based event with private moments for you & spouse to enjoy a meaningful and wonderful couple time as you recommit to one another.

For further enquiries, please contact us at 6709 8400 or email us at [email protected]

Feedback from past participants

“Every couple should attend this workshop to enrich their marriage!”
“This workshop has helped us to reconnect with each other. It has touched us deeply.”
“Very practical. Reminded me of how to be sensitive to my spouse.”
“Very good hands-on activities, keep up the good work!”