Marriage Preparation Programme Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the length of the programme and the duration of the sessions?
Our Marriage Preparation Programme is conducted in a group setting and in the following possible format: 3 hours/session/week OR 4 hours/session/week OR 2 full days.

Where is the programme conducted?
Depending on the class size, the programme is conducted at the comfort of the instructor’s home for smaller class size or in our training classroom for larger class size. To enrich your learning, our programme is uniquely taught by a husband-wife team.

How will I benefit from the programme?
Our Marriage Preparation Programme helps couples to build fulfilling and life-long marriages. We believe a strong marriage requires preparation and effort, therefore our aim is to equip every couple in laying a strong foundation right at the start. Our instructors will also share their knowledge and personal experiences which make the session relevant, practical and fun!

The topics covered will not only offer practical tips for newlyweds but will also enhance the couple’s skills in communication and conflict management.

What are the topics covered in the programme?
The topics covered include personality profiling through PREPARE ENRICH inventory tool, roles of husband and wife, communication, conflict resolution, and financial management, relating to in-laws, family planning and more.

Am I still suitable for this programme if I am already married?
Yes. This programme is specially catered for couples who are planning to marry, as well as for couples who are newly married or married few years ago.

What is the size of a class?
The class size of our marriage preparation programme may vary from 6 to 15 couples.

Do you provide individual Marriage Preparation class?
Our marriage preparation programme is designed for group and individual settings. Should you need to have individualized private session, you can call 67098400 or email [email protected] to find out more.

How do I register for the programme?
Please click here to see schedules that best suit your availability and register for the class accordingly.

What is the cost of the marriage preparation programme?
For Group Marriage Preparation Programme, the fee is S$380/- per couple, inclusive of 7% GST ($70 rebate* upon completion of the programme).

For Individual Marriage Preparation Programme, the fee is S$520/- per couple (weekday rates) / $680/- per couple (weekend rates), inclusive of 7% GST ($70 rebate* upon completion of the programme).

*Rebate applicable to Singapore Citizen/PR only, Subject to changes under Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)’s policy.
**Note: Registration fee for group and individual marriage preparation programmes revised for 2019 classes.

Do we get to choose our instructors?
We have marriage preparation programme classes scheduled every month. The allocation of instructors is based on their availability. We assure you that all our instructors are trained and experienced.

What if I missed one session?
You can opt for a makeup session and the fee charged is at $50 per session per couple. It is subject to the availability of the instructor.