Chicken Strawberry Canapé Recipe

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Chicken Strawberry Canapé Recipe

Hosting a party of five at home this Christmas? We've got a delicious recipe[1] for festive canapes that would whet your appetites and get your guests into the holiday mood!

Chicken Strawberry Canapé
(Serves 5)

2.5 tsp   Light soy sauce, reduced salt
15g        Sesame oil
6.25g     Black pepper
2.5 tsp   Corn Starch
5 tsp      Flaxseed meal
50g        Lemon
325g      Chicken, boneless, skinless, minced
175g      Swiss brown mushrooms, minced, washed
25g        Yellow onion, finely chopped
50g        Iceberg lettuce, washed
10          Strawberries, washed, green cap removed, thinly sliced
6            Cherry tomatoes, washed, sliced
20          Basil leaves, washed
5 slices  Wholemeal bread


Chicken Patty

1. Mix minced chicken with swiss brown mushroom and yellow onion
2. Squeeze lemon juice into the patty mixture
3. Season patty mixture with black pepper, light soy sauce, flaxseed meal and corn starch.
4. Mix thoroughly and shape it into 20 small patties
5. Heat up sesame oil in a saucepan for 30 seconds using medium heat
6. Pan-fry the chicken patties for 5 minutes on each side


1. Cut each slice of bread into quarters
2. Toast bread in an oven toaster


1. On each piece of toasted bread, layer on lettuce, 3 slices of strawberries, a chicken patty, 2 slices of cherry tomatoes and top with a basil leaf.
2. Secure each canape with a cocktail pick
3. Serve on a wooden or marble board