Basic Sign Language for Beginners

Special Needs Group

Basic Sign Language for Beginners

Are you interested to learn how to sign? Picking up sign language can be an exciting and rewarding experience that helps you to bridge the communication gap and connect with the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

Read on for some frequently used words in sign language for beginners!  

Basic Sign Language

Want to attend our conversational sign language workshops or find out more about our programmes? Contact TOUCH Silent Club at [email protected] to do so today.  
TOUCH Silent Club (TSC) aims to help every Deaf person integrate into the society and empower them to be independent individuals by offering guidance in the areas of education, vocation, recreation and social development. Besides organising social and recreational activities for the Deaf, we also provide job placement, job counselling and lifeskills training under the Work Assistance Programme. TSC also organises sign language courses for the public to raise awareness about the Deaf and promote integration.