TOUCH Silent Club (TSC) was launched in March 1993 to meet the needs of the Deaf community. We believe that every Deaf person has the potential to be an integrated and contributing member of society.

Our programmes empower the Deaf to be independent individuals and guide them in the areas of education, vocation, recreation and social development.

We constantly seek to foster partnerships with the hearing community to work alongside us to make a difference to the Deaf community.

We provide a community of friendship and support to Deaf persons of all ages. Besides academic coaching for students, we’ve exciting social activities and leadership development programmes for youths.

We actively work with employers to match our Deaf members with suitable jobs, organise support groups for parents of Deaf children, and provide Deaf seniors with enrichment programmes.


Mission & Vision

Every deaf person is valuable and we aim to improve their quality of life by maximising their potential to be contributing members of society, while building a community of support and fostering greater inclusion in the society.