Creating resources to spread the cyber wellness message is an integral part of TOUCH Cyber Wellness. Our team has produced resources to help parents and educators better understand the cyberworld, to equip them with up-to-date knowledge and tools to achieve and enjoy cyber wellness in this digital age.

P.O.S - Parents Over Shoulder (Out of Print)

POSP.O.S - Parents Over Shoulder is a publication inviting parents to take a peek into their children’s digital life through letters written from teenagers’ perspectives. It aims to give parents a better understanding of the digital world their children live in and how to connect with them more effectively in this digital age. 

Got a Life? Get a Life! (Out of Print)

GotALifeGot a Life? Get a Life! is a collection of real-life stories of youths – their encounters with cyber issues and how they have overcome them. It also features practical tips from cyber wellness counsellors to help youths make smart decisions to stay cyber safe and cyber well.

Cyber Wellness Handbook for Parents (Out of Print)

The Cyber Wellness Handbook for Parents is a resource to equip parents and their children with the necessary knowledge and tools to achieve and enjoy cyber wellness.

People who have always wondered why their child is constantly on the computer need worry no more. The Cyber Wellness Handbook for Parents offers parents a macro view of common cyber wellness issues surrounding today’s youths, and provides practical tips in parenting their children in the Internet age. Produced by the cyber wellness team of TOUCH Community Services, the 28-page handbook contains advice and insights from industry veterans. The Handbook was distributed through all MOE schools to parents of Primary Three to Secondary Three students in 2008.

The Offline Guide for the Online Generation (Out of Print)

The Offliine Guide for the Online Generation: A Cyber Wellness Resource is an initiative of the National Committee on Youth Guidance and Rehabilitation (NYGR) in collaboration with TOUCH Youth and the Media Development Authority (MDA) to provide useful information and tips on cyber trends and risks.

The guide outlines youth online trends, dangers on the Internet, organisations that promote cyber wellness in Singapore, existing cyber programmes and resources on the Internet, as well as tips on the use of the Internet.