Assembly Talk | Online Adventures of Harmony High
Youths learn to tackle everyday dilemmas on the Internet.

As part of our iNteractive Technodrama series, the Online Adventures of Harmony High (OHH) was customised for the age group of lower secondary to junior college students. Youths will get to watch common Internet-related dilemmas being enacted and are challenged on the everyday choices that they make online. The multimedia impact of this series, coupled with facilitation by our trainers, is meant to help students to think beyond the situation-at-hand, assess possible consequences, and to choose an appropriate and rational response.


Classroom Workshop | PlanetCRuSH
Older teens learn to make informed choices when faced with challenging cyber wellness issues.

What can I do for teenagers who have heard everything about cyber wellness, but remain unconvinced?”

Youths in their late teens require a different approach to steer them towards responsible and mature decision-making related to cyber wellness. PlanetCRuSH lessons are specifically designed to effectively impart cyber wellness education to older teens. Through extensive use of real-life case studies, students will get to learn that cyber wellness issues have serious real-life consequences. As such, PlanetCRuSH workshops are the perfect follow-up workshops after teenagers have completed ProjectCRuSH.


Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programme

How can we empower the students to be effective Cyber Wellness Ambassadors?”

Students who opt to be or are chosen to become Cyber Wellness Ambassadors in their schools can sometimes be unaware of how they can promote awareness of cyber wellness issues and values amongst their peers, as well as in instilling a positive cyber culture within their schools. Our Cyber Wellness Ambassadors Programme (CWAP) aims to clarify their roles, imbue in them the necessary knowledge and skills, and thereafter empower them to effectively carry out their roles and responsibilities in their schools. As each programme is tailored according to the students’ potential and competency,  students can be assured of an appropriate level of skill training and mentoring best suited for them.


Mentoring Programme | The EXPerience

The Experience (EXP) is a cyber wellness mentoring group designed for young people to discover a positive self-identity and develop exceptional habits to excel in life. Youths will be empowered to build upon their strengths and strive towards healthy character formation. Through meaningful activities held in a supervised environment, and built around an encouraging community, youths will acquire important life skills imparted through facilitation and from their mentors.


Holiday Enrichment Programme | The EXPansive EXPerience

The EXPansive EXPerience (EXP²) is a cyber wellness enrichment programme designed for young people to embark on a journey of fun, learning and self-discovery. At TOUCH Cyber Wellness, we believe that a healthy self-identity is paramount to an adolescent's growth and development. Our experienced trainers will encourage participants to build a healthy appreciation of self and be more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Through this programme, we believe that youths will be encouraged to not only work on improving their weaknesses, but also enhance their strengths. In addition, youths will be exposed to alternative activities from outside the virtual world which include outdoor structured sports and other stimulating challenges.