We aim to empower youths to reach their full potential and achieve their emotional and relational wellbeing through youth-oriented and values-driven counselling strategies.

In 2012, through an one-year research study based on qualitative interview and data analysis, our cyber wellness counselling method has been validated by Dr Timothy Sim from Hong Kong Poly University. The validation shows that the current counselling model is probably first in the world and is proven to be successful in helping clients with cyber-gaming issues.

What is Counselling?

Counselling involves three basic process: interviewing, counselling and psychological intervention. It involves information gathering, problem solving and advice giving. A more intensive and personal process of applying models and theories of intervention.

Our team of qualified counselors and youth workers provides a range of services including:

1. Assessment of cyber wellness issues

– Skilled counsellors sieve out the core issues to be tackled
2. Face to face counselling
– Suitable techniques are employed to help the client
3. Group mentoring, Peer & Community Support
– Involvement in healthy youth groups to effect and sustain behaviour change
4. Family Therapy sessions
– Educating & counselling the family to support the client
5. Innovative counselling programmes
– Youths find meaningful engagement through alternative activities and life skills training

All communication between client and counsellor are confidential and would only be revealed to relevant authorities if it involves threats of harm to self or others. All records are confidentially maintained in storage upon your termination with TOUCH Youth Intervention.

Our Fees

Professional counselling services are charged based on client's monthly household income per capita per session. Payment will be made via PayNow.