Classroom Workshop CRuSH Explorer
Equipping and preparing young minds for the digital world

Children these days are exposed to digital media and technology at a younger age. Some children, as young as two, are already frequent users of gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets, because parents use these as babysitting tools.

With early exposure to gadgets, it is important to have children exposed to cyber wellness education early by extending such programmes to pre-schools. Cyber wellness education will help equip and prepare young and developing minds for the digital world.

An early education on cyber wellness values will serve as the foundation to inculcate good cyber habits and nurture positive online behaviour in the digital age.

At TOUCH, we are committed to developing quality and age-appropriate cyber wellness programmes for pre-school children.

CRuSH Explorer equips children between 4 to 6 years of age with good online habits and positive cyber wellness values through a series of fun and engaging story-telling sessions, games and activities.