Do you know what to look out for when engaging a foreign domestic helper? Do you know how to care for your loved ones after they have been discharged from the hospital?

There are many caregivers with such questions on their mind. Some individuals have little prior experience giving care to their ageing parents. With your sharing, you can support other caregivers on their caregiving journey. 

To encourage caregivers, TOUCH Caregivers Support has set up "Caregivers for Elderlyan online Facebook platform - to provide a safe and comfortable environment for caregivers to share stories, challenges, and exchange tips and information.

This is a closed group where only members can view the posts. Set up in 2015, our online support group has grown to 766 members in 2019.

Share your caregiving journey or check out the latest news on care services from your fellow caregivers all on our online Facebook caregiver community today!