Wellness and mental health talks

Residents learn to make good health and lifestyle choices through a range of wellness and mental health talks that include topics like dementia, depression, traditional Chinese medicine and diabetes management. Armed with the right proper knowledge, they are empowered to share useful tips with family and friends, and flag cases of vulnerable seniors who need help.

A talk on the Lasting Power of Attorney was also conducted to teach residents how to plan ahead for their long-term care needs. Our health and social care partners include the AMKFSC, the National Healthcare Group, Health Promotion Board and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.


Digital skills training

With technology as a key tenet of our CEP efforts - and in line with the Government’s Smart Nation Initiative - we continue to equip residents with digital skills so that they can be empowered to practise self-care, make informed decisions and help others. Tapping on TOUCH's cyber wellness expertise , our seniors have been taught practical digital skills and have found ways to connect with one another on various digital platforms. A key highlight included the pilot launch of the Digitally Ready Seniors (DRS) Programme, a joint commitment by TOUCH and Facebook, which has reached out to over 200 seniors from our senior activity centres and TOUCHpoint@AMK 433 in 2019. Adapted from the Infocomm Media Development Authority’s Basic Digital Skills curriculum, our seniors learnt how to use technology actively, meaningfully and safely.


Diabetes Peer Support Group

Singapore is seeing a rising prevalence of diabetes and the risk of this chronic condition increases with age.  To prevent and reduce diabetes-related complications, such as eye and kidney diseases, education on better diabetes management remains a key focus in our health education efforts.

Working in collaboration with TOUCH Diabetes Support (TDS), a service of TOUCH Community Services, Diabetes Peer Support Groups (PSG) have been formed to reach out to residents in Ang Mo Kio. Its objective is to engage, educate and enable the older adults with Type 2 diabetes to take self-responsibility to monitor and control their diabetes to avoid complications, as well as to promote good diabetes management through peer support to prevent the onset of diabetes. The PSG is part of TOUCH’s community enablement efforts to mobilise residents as a resource in the community to support ageing in place.

Conducted over 12 weeks by TDS’ nurse educator, residents will attend talks and coaching sessions covering a range of topics including foot care, sugar, fat and salt in diet, diabetes complications and the effects of high and low blood sugar.

The PSG adopts an interactive approach to facilitate discussion, exchange ideas and build rapport. Monthly training sessions are also held to further empower participants who have completed the sessions with the necessary skills sets and knowledge. Residents have also formed informal meet ups in their neighbourhood to encourage one another to live well with diabetes, as well as to spread the diabetes care message to fellow neighbours.

Residents' Reflections


“With all these knowledge about diabetes I feel more in control. My peers and I would remind one another to take care of our health. Sometimes we will go to the supermarket and check out food labels together as we shop for groceries.” …Ms Violet Yeo (first photo from left)

“I know of people who suffer from diabetes. I was surprised to learn that a foot wound can deteriorate so rapidly, leading to an amputation! People with diabetes must always remember to check their feet.” …Ms Thang Geck Choo (second photo from left)

“I hope my presence can make a difference in encouraging other male residents to join the diabetes peer support group. Some men may feel conscious but if we can all learn together, they may feel more comfortable.” …Mr Seet Twi Yong (third photo from left)