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Ms Annie Teo

Ms Annie Teo, 54, was diagnosed with intellectual disability and it is a challenge for her to communicate and care for herself.

Since attending TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL), Ms Teo has learnt different skills that enable her to be more independent, such as art and crafts, money management, snack making, and housekeeping. Ms Teo’s lifeskills coaches are heartened by her improvement over the years. They shared that she is now better able to communicate her needs and is more confident of taking on daily tasks. She can also readily assist them and lend a helping hand to her peers.

She loves being able to freely express her thoughts and emotions through drawing. To spur her creativity, she regularly visits the library to draw references from the books that she reads. Her drawing was even selected as one of the designs for the National Day Parade 2022 goodie bag.


Ms Ng Wai Yee

Ms Ng Wai Yee, 66, was stricken with polio as a child, affecting her eyesight and limiting her movements. She still struggles with her vision and mobility, both of which worsened over the years. She also suffers from chronic illnesses, including diabetes, hypertension and heart issues.

In 2016, Ms Ng was referred to TOUCH Community Services to coordinate her care at home as she became frailer. Working together with TOUCH Home Care (THC), Ms Ng received help with housekeeping. To help with her poor vision, THC’s nurse packs her daily medication – a cocktail of about 15 pills – into a pillbox to be consumed twice a day. THC’s home therapy team will also be working with Ms Ng to make her home safer and address her multi-step entrance.


Ms Yana

Ms Yana, 10, spends most of her time with her caregiver and her elder sisters at home. Endearing and enthusiastic about learning, little Yana’s cheerful disposition belies the fact that her family survives on the bare minimum.

Her caregiver, Noriah, is the family’s sole breadwinner and struggles to provide for her five children. Treats such as burgers and fries, are indulgences reserved for special events. With a limited income from her part-time job, Noriah’s financial situation also does not allow for contingencies should any of the children fall ill.

Yana and her family are working on getting their lives back on track with the help of TOUCH Young Arrows. “I taught them that they have to give back to help others in society, and not to be shy to tell others when they are not able to afford certain items. They will have to save up to buy these items as I’m unable to buy these on my salary,” said Noriah.

This willingness to serve others in the community, and fortitude in dealing with her family circumstances is admirable, considering that Noriah juggles her part-time work at an F&B outlet, her family commitments such as being a single mother to a family of six, and less than desirable financial situation.

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