Employee-Led Engagements bring your staff talents and resources behind causes they connect with. Companies can find this a meaningful approach to employee engagement.


Increased staff motivation and satisfaction due to ownership of the engagements.

Factors to consider:

The initial discussion phase with TOUCH may take 1-2 months or more, due to the consultative process involved. Your staff involvement will start from conceptualisation right through to execution of a project idea.

What your employees can do for beneficiaries:

  • Organise internal fundraising events
  • Run regular volunteer sessions
  • Organise ad-hoc excursions

Examples of how companies support our cause:

  • A one-year plan was developed by a company’s volunteer committee and our programme executives to meet the needs of our beneficiaries
  • Staff of a company organised a charity drive in the office through sale of food and craft items; proceeds were used to fund the excursion/CSR efforts of the company in the year.
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