Spicing up your Marriage

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Spicing up your Marriage

Have you ever wondered about the secret to a lasting spark in a marriage? How do you keep things fresh in a marriage? Marriage is a lifelong commitment of love and trust, and love is nurtured over time through consistent actions. With a bit of intentionality, you can spice things up and add sizzle back into your marriage. Here are some tips by TOUCH Marriage Support that you can make use of to do just that!

Try new things together: Reignite the spark in your marriage by exploring new hobbies and activities together. You may discover a different side of your spouse along the way and learn new things about them. Sharing these moments together can spark fresh conversations and discussions that deepen your understanding of each other. In addition, novelty triggers the release of endorphins in our bodies which is responsible for creating a sense of excitement and increasing emotional intimacy in the marriage.

Surprise your partner: A dash of surprise can go a long way in keeping the spark alive. It can be simply buying your partner’s favourite dessert on your way home or planning a staycation for their birthday. A thoughtful surprise, whether big or small, shows that you care and pay attention to their interests. Do something out of the ordinary from time to time. Join them in an activity you usually pass on or gift them something they mentioned in passing. These tiny acts can remind you of why you first fell in love.

Show your appreciation: A good foundation of marriage is built upon consistent appreciation of each other. Take a moment each day to express your gratitude for your spouse. A simple "I appreciate you for taking care of dinner tonight" or "Thank you for being so patient with me today" can make a lot of difference. In marriage, the comfort we have with each other may lead to laziness in observing basic manners and courtesy. Remember to say “please” and “thank you” to show respect and appreciation.

Stay curious and inject humour into the marriage: Never let familiarity breed contempt! Stay curious about your partner by finding out about their day, delving into their hobbies and interests and actively listening to their thoughts and feelings. This shows genuine interest in the person they are and fosters a stronger connection. Remember, the person you married is constantly evolving and regardless of the number of years you’ve been married, there will always be more to learn and uncover. On top of that, seize every opportunity to share laughter-filled moments together. Laughter can relieve tensions during disagreements and help you navigate difficult seasons and stages of life. Being able to laugh at yourselves or the other person can also trigger positive emotions and lighten the mood in the room.

Build positive routines in your marriage: Establish routines that you both enjoy doing together, even if they seem mundane. Begin with small and achievable activities that fit your schedules and interests. It can be a weekend morning walk, a shared cup of coffee before work or tackling a household chore together. These routines allow you to spend intentional time together and create a shared purpose within your marriage. Consistency is key, so choose routines you can realistically maintain over time.

With love and the right strategies, you can keep the flame in your marriage burning brightly and forge a deep and lasting connection with your spouse!

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