What Does Stress Really Do to You?

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What Does Stress Really Do to You?

Everyone experiences stress from time to time, but what’s truly happening within us when we are stressed? While stress may fuel our drive through short periods of burst, excessive amounts of stress for extended periods of time may wreak havoc to our physical health and well-being. We often dismiss stress as an inevitable part of life, but it could be doing more harm to you than you realise.

Read on as we unpack the common effects of stress on our physical body, mood and behaviour.



If not managed, stress may lead to serious and long-term health issues, which could impact your day-to-day life. If you are experiencing these symptoms often, click here to learn how you can manage your stress.

Are you seeking professional help for your mental health or simply need a listening ear? You may call the TOUCHline at 1800 377 2252 (Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm) to speak with a counsellor.

TOUCH Mental Wellness (TMW) runs personalised therapy and counselling programmes to empower individuals to rise above their circumstances. An advocate of mental wellness, TMW has been organising mental wellness awareness mass runs, talks and workshops since 2015. It works closely with corporations to conduct mental wellness talks with an aim of equipping employees with handles to cope with stress and help them build resilience. It also specialises in mental wellness awareness and educational programmes for schools.