Thriving through Transitions

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Thriving through Transitions

The new year presents us with an opportunity to wipe our slate clean and start anew. It marks a start in leaving the past behind and embracing a new season of life with fresh resolve.

We often go through numerous transitions as we enter a new season of life. Whether you are starting school, taking on a new portfolio at work or entering a new relationship, this transitionary period can be an exciting yet nerve-wrecking one. Adapting to changes can be tough when you are pushed out of your comfort zone [1]. Coupled with the stress of needing to strive, meet goals or live up to others’ expectations of you, navigating through these transitions can throw you into a state of turmoil.

However, there are ways to mitigate the stress and manage our emotions positively. Here are four ways to help you not just cope but thrive through transitions this new year:

Address your feelings: You’re going to experience some form of stress, anxiety or worry but know that they are normal [1]. Acknowledge your feelings and be forgiving of yourself when you struggle. Focus on what you can control by naming the feelings and choosing your response to it [2].

Prepare ahead: When the road ahead is unknown, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and fearful. During times like this, being prepared can help us regain control over the situation [1]. Having a step-by-step guide or listing pointers to take note of can help to lessen feelings of anxiousness [3].

Set realistic goals: While seeking to prove ourselves is a natural instinct when we’re placed in a new environment [4], putting that pressure on yourself may not be healthy [1]. There’s bound to be a learning curve, so be patient with yourself as you navigate the new job, school or relationship.

Focus on the new experiences: While change is inevitable, it often leads us to new and hopeful opportunities [5]. See this transition from the lens of closing an old chapter and opening a new chapter. Avoid comparing the past to the present as it robs you of your peace and contentment [6]. Change your perspective by focusing on what’s in store for the season and doing your best.

Even though navigating transitions can be daunting, it is an excellent opportunity to experience new things in life and enjoy personal growth. Manage transitions positively by addressing your feelings and focusing on the current phase of life. Remember that your mindset and perspectives determine if you would survive or thrive through transitions. Be confident as you take on 2024! 

Do you find it difficult to process or cope with transitions and need a listening ear? You may call the TOUCHline at 1800 377 2252 (Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm) to speak with a counsellor.

TOUCH Mental Wellness (TMW) runs personalised therapy and counselling programmes to empower individuals to rise above their circumstances. An advocate of mental wellness, TMW has been organising mental wellness awareness mass runs, talks and workshops since 2015. It works closely with corporations to conduct mental wellness talks with an aim of equipping employees with handles to cope with stress and help them build resilience. It also specialises in mental wellness awareness and educational programmes for schools.

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