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The First Device campaign is based around the defining milestone in the life of a child when they receive their first computer, tablet, or smartphone.  It might be handed down or borrowed or new - but for the child, it opens up the whole online world. In our conversation with families, most may not know how to teach the children the skills that they need as they take their first steps online.

In partnership with Power of Zero UK and supported by IMDA, TOUCH Community Services sees the child's first device as a milestone akin to learning to walk, riding a bicycle or going to school for the first time. All of which require proper parenting and parental attention.

The First Device Campaign provides resources to make parenting easier and give families a sense of control.

It’s important to prepare your child for their first device.
Teach children the life skills they will need for their online lives. 


The series is designed for co-watching with parents, grandparents and older siblings, who play an essential role in teaching the skills and values that younger children need for their online lives.

The Heroes of Zero is an animated video series designed to teach young children ages 5 to 8 the life skills that they need to navigate an increasingly online world.

Produced by award-winning studio FableVision (USA) and SuperPixel (SG), the series features a young girl called Nena, who lives with her grandparents, and a young boy called Ciro, who is selectively mute. Each of the eight short episodes takes the children on a new adventure in the online and offline world that requires them to use their Superpowers.


  • Toolkit,consisting of:
    • Parents' Guidebook

      With the accompanying guidebook, unpack and discuss on important topics like screen time management, awareness of online strangers.

    • First Device Tech Agreement
    • It’s important for your child to know what some rules and boundaries you have, concerning their first device. Talk through your concerns and agree on steps to take together with the “First Device Mission” agreement.

      You may personalise with your child’s name and print it out for both of you to agree and sign on.


The physical media plan board is currently out of stock. You may download the online version here.

Suggested way to introduce the media plan board to your child:

  1. Watch episode 4 on screentime, with your child and discuss about screentime using the questions in the guidebook.
  2. Talk to your child about balancing between essential day-to-day routines such as outdoor and indoor screen-free activities, screen time.
  3. Go through the list of day-to-day activities with your child and plan them out using this planner.
  4. Place their media plan at a location where your child can refer to daily (e.g., in their bedroom, play area).
  5. Encourage your child to follow the media plan and check in with him or her regularly.



We would like to hear from your thoughts to gain a better understanding of the usefulness of the First Device Campaign resources, through a pre and post survey.

Each survey should take approximately 10-15 minutes to finish, and please be assured that your responses will remain confidential.

Complete both the pre-survey and post-survey to receive survey incentive e-voucher worth SGD20. *Fully Redeemed*