Give from the Heart this Valentine’s Day

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Give from the Heart this Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and you may be wondering how to make it special for your loved one. Do not worry if you are unsure of where to start. Here are some ways you can give from the heart and make your loved one feel appreciated this Valentine’s Day. 

Give a heartfelt letter (Words of Affirmation): Go back to the old-fashioned days and pen down a handwritten letter for your loved one. You can write about things that normally go unsaid, such as the recipient’s best traits and your gratitude towards them. It is more special than just sending a text, as you put effort to express your thoughts and present it creatively. If writing a lengthy letter feels excessive, you can always shorten it to fit in a post-it note. 

Give your time (Quality Time): Organise an event where you can have uninterrupted bonding time with your loved one. For example, you can prepare a special homecooked candlelit dinner for your loved one and give them your undivided attention for the evening. Alternatively, you can meet up for coffee or do fun and meaningful activities such as volunteering together.  

Give a hug (Physical Touch): When you see your loved one or when they return home from a long day at work, you can give them a warm hug to show that you appreciate them. Holding hands or putting your arm around your partner's shoulders while you are out running errands also shows them that they are cherished and loved by you. 

Give your service (Acts of Service): Doing small things such as buying your loved one a drink when they feel down or providing a listening ear are great ways to give your service. You can go even bigger by completing errands such as cleaning the house and buying groceries. Provide help on your own terms and do so at a reasonable pace.

Give a thoughtful gift (Gifts): Gifts with sentimental value are more appreciated than ones that are bought out of necessity. You could buy personalised items, nostalgic snacks or make a handmade gift that will take your loved one down memory lane. Beyond that, you can also gift your loved one a meaningful and fond memory by giving to the community together. This Lunar New Year, find out how you can get into the spirit of giving and uplift the more vulnerable in the community. 

Remember that the act of giving goes beyond what we do on Valentine’s Day. You can apply the love languages in your everyday life to keep your relationships strong.


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