Finding love in your silver years

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Finding love in your silver years
Your silver years are a time of relaxing, socialising and self-discovery. It is also an opportunity to pursue things that you would not have considered when you were younger or had more responsibilities. At this phase in life, some might have gone through separations or experienced the loss of a partner and yearn for companionship; but for various reasons, are apprehensive of starting from scratch and giving love a second chance. 

Most people think that being in a romantic relationship is not possible after reaching a certain age. However, an article published by The Straits Times shows that most Singaporeans are accepting of elderly couples who get married later in life. There were also at least 300 male seniors who got married in 2020 alone, which was a significant increase from previous years [1]. 

As such, there is no need to hold back from finding love in your silver years. Here’s how you can start finding love and companionship.

1. Keep an open mind: Dating might seem like something that only younger adults do. However, falling in love is not age-specific and humans still feel the need to be cared for and wanted. Thus, keep an open mind as love might come knocking when you least expect. 

2. Be accepting of entering a relationship: You might feel awkward or apprehensive about entering a new relationship in your silver years and worry about unwanted gossip. Do not be fearful of judgement or crave external validation when entering a new relationship. Finding love and a supportive partner to share your silver years with can bring you joy and improve your overall wellbeing. 

3. Know your needs and wants: In your silver years, you would have experienced your fair share of relationships. As such, you know what qualities your romantic partner should possess. Communicate it clearly to your potential partner so that you are both aligned on what you want out of the relationship – be it casual companionship or a committed relationship. 

4. Create opportunities for yourself to meet new people: You can try visiting places you normally frequent such as your favourite coffeeshop or a nearby community centre. You can also join an interest group for seniors. These places give you opportunities to mingle with fellow seniors. TOUCH has four active ageing centres around Singapore where you can also meet like-minded individuals and spend your time meaningfully with outings, games and enriching activities. You might even find your next lifelong companion there! 

TOUCH Active Ageing (TAA) empowers seniors to lead fulfilling lives as they learn to stay physically active and socially connected. We believe that every senior - regardless of their age, ability or physical status - can be equipped as a resource to help others.

1. Xiaoqian, Lin. “Never Too Old or Too Late for Love to Blossom as More S'pore Seniors Marry in Autumn of Their Lives.” The Straits Times, SPH Media Trust, 26 Aug. 2021,