In the Spirit of #DoingGood


In the Spirit of #DoingGood

The good we do today makes us stronger for tomorrow. Having celebrated the nation’s birthday earlier this month, we know how we can be #strongertogether if we come together to build a caring and inclusive society.  Volunteering comes in many forms – service-based, skills-based, events-based, and family volunteering. Through volunteering, one can experience a meaningful change and purposeful life. These small acts of giving your time for a good cause can yield many benefits, especially for your mental health.

We find out what some of them are!

Reduces stress and prevents depression
Volunteering takes place outside our usual routine. We take our minds off daily stressors and worries when we focus on something or someone else during the volunteering session. Through the experience, we gain a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, thus, improving our moods and reducing our stress levels.

Ignites passion and develops a sense of purpose
Volunteering spans many different sectors and interests outside our comfort zones. We might develop a keen passion for something we did not know previously. Volunteering also humbles our perspectives and cultivates compassion. By serving the community, we are able to acquire a deeper worldview and grow our social networks. Thereby, developing a sense of purpose for a more meaningful life.  

Boosts confidence and increases happiness levels
Humans are social creatures. We live in families and thrive in communities. By volunteering, we become part of a larger ecosystem which needs our time, skills, and expertise. Furthermore, research has shown that good hormones and brain activity spike when volunteering. The sense of belonging and positivity attained from volunteering will in turn bring us immense pleasure.

Are you inspired to sign up for some volunteering opportunities? Here are some for your consideration!

Mentor the young ones
Make a difference to the lives of the next generation! A volunteer mentor provides academic coaching to children and guides them to develop positive attitudes and behaviours. You can also participate in the planning of events and activities to engage the children.

At TOUCH, there are two types of volunteer mentors. One for the vulnerable children and the other for children with hearing disabilities.

Find out more about mentoring vulnerable children here.
Find out more about mentoring deaf children here.

Befriend a senior
Bring joy to the lives of the seniors! A befriender provides social support to the seniors by fostering friendship through regular home visits. Find out more here.

Deliver meals to frail seniors
Help to meet the needs of home-bound elderly! The volunteer will enable the frail elderly, who live alone, to receive warm and nutritious meals 365 days a year through TOUCH’s Meals-on-Wheels programme. Find out more here.

Volunteers can also assist with providing essential services such as medical transport and home nursing services. Find out more here.

Find out more on how you can join us in #DoingGood:  

For group sign-ups and enquiries on volunteering with TOUCH, please email us at [email protected].