Your Husband's Wish List

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Your Husband's Wish List

There’s some truth in the age-old saying – ‘Women are from Venus and men are from Mars’. Not only do men and women communicate differently, their needs are vastly different too! Knowing what your husband needs and meeting those needs can help increase the intimacy between the both of you and strengthen your marriage.

According to author and marriage expert Dr Willard Harley, the top five needs of men are sexual fulfilment, recreational companionship, an attractive spouse, domestic support, and admiration. For women, they need affection, conversation, honesty and openness, financial commitment, and family commitment. 

TOUCH Family shares more on the needs of men, and how important it is for spouses to meet each other’s needs.

  1. Sexual Fulfilment

    While women may let affection and emotional connection take precedence in what they value, men are generally more primal in their needs and focus more on sexual fulfilment. To a man, physical intimacy helps affirm his connection with his wife.

  2. Recreational Companionship

    Men want to be able to participate in mutually satisfying activities with their wives. If your husband wants to involve you in an activity he likes, try learning to enjoy that activity. If you really do not enjoy that activity, consider other activities which both of you can participate together.     

  3. An Attractive Spouse

    While some may prefer to focus on inner beauty, most men will appreciate it when their wives make an effort to groom themselves in a way that is attractive and tasteful to him. These men take pride in being seen with a presentable wife in public. 

  4. Domestic Support

    Most men fantasise about having the perfect clean home, obedient children, and a loving wife who is a domestic goddess. Although that may just be an ideal, some men desire for their wives to be capable in creating a comfortable and peaceful environment that they can come home to everyday. 

  5. Positive Affirmation
    Positive affirmation is a great motivator for many. When a wife tells her husband how much she admires and appreciates him, it keeps him going and motivates him to do even better for the family. Wives can try affirming their husbands by constantly reminding them of how wonderful they are.


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