Tips for Effective Communication in Marriage

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Tips for Effective Communication in Marriage

When two people from different backgrounds get married and live together, there are bound to be disagreements and points of conflicts. Even the most loving of couples aren’t immune to the occasional spat. But what keeps the love and marriage going despite conflicts is a couple’s ability to communicate effectively and create a safe environment for constructive open communication.

Most conflicts and misunderstandings stem from miscommunication. When someone keeps quiet or is unable to clearly say what he/she needs, the other party is left guessing. With time, the wrong assumptions caused by miscommunication over various issues can lead to conflicts in marriage.

Other times, a breakdown in communication occurs because both parties are too defensive and as a result, fail to listen to the other party in an open-minded and respectful way.

Effective communication is a key element to the success of a marriage. It enables both parties to be heard and to be understood. How then can couples work towards effective communication in their marriage amid disagreements? TOUCH Family shares six tips to improve the quality of communication in your marriage:

  1. Express clearly what you want instead of focusing on what you do not want
  2. Listen attentively and refrain from interrupting when your spouse is speaking
  3. Apart from listening to the words of your spouse, pay attention also to the emotions expressed by your spouse
  4. Instead of being defensive, try to be humble and respectful when your spouse is giving feedback on something you did which upset him/her.
  5. Encourage open communication by making an effort to share your thoughts in an objective manner and asking for your spouse' opinion on the matter. Also, work with your spouse to create a safe environment to express needs and to process hurts by reminding yourself to refrain from being judgmental during any sharing sessions.
  6. Express your appreciation and affirm your spouse regularly

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