Eat Smart This Holiday Season

TOUCH Diabetes Support

Eat Smart This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, bringing with it gatherings, great company and never-ending servings of sumptuous food! But how can we indulge in the festive spread without the guilt and the unwanted inches around our waists?

TOUCH Diabetes Support shares five tips on eating smart during the festive period:

  • Don’t go hungry
    Start your day with a balanced meal so that you would not be tempted to overeat later in the day.

  • Be a food snob
    Choose what you eat very carefully. Avoid empty calories such as high starch and high carbohydrate foods that will make you want to eat more, causing you to add on unwanted pounds quickly.

  • Choose smaller plates
    When you’re spoilt for choice, choose to use the small dessert plates instead of large dinner plates for your meal. You’ll consume less food that way. Slow down and savour each bite. When done, put down the plate and go find someone to talk with. Stay away from the food table to avoid further temptation.

  • Don’t drink your calories
    Wine, hard liquor, beer, sodas, and even punches can add lots of extra, empty calories and drive up your blood sugars. Stay with water or unsweetened tea and add some lemon slices for variety.

  • Be hospitable
    Bring along something yummy and healthy to a party with you. That way, if there’s nothing on the table that interests you, you’ll still have something that you can enjoy. You can contribute a dish of garden salads or fresh fruits!

For persons living with diabetes, don’t forget to keep your diabetes management in check while celebrating at festive parties. Continue to monitor your blood sugars, watch your food portions, and keep to your exercise regimen.

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