Never Too Busy for Love 💕

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Never Too Busy for Love 💕

24 hours do not seem enough with so many things to manage throughout the day. An eight to five job with lingering tasks to complete after working hours; dirty laundry that needs washing; social gatherings with hard-to-meet friends; gym and spa appointments to relax after an arduous week. The list goes on...

Strengthening a marriage to fulfil the vows ‘till death do us part’ takes time and continuous effort. Yet, quality time as husband and wife is often the first to be compromised in face of a demanding schedule.

What should we do to grow our marriages amidst our hectic lifestyle? Communication is key to any relationship and TOUCH Family Services offers some important tips to help every busy couple communicate well to strengthen their marriage.

#1 Couple Communication (happens throughout the day!)

  • Start off the day by greeting each other “Good Morning!”.
  • Call or text each other during the day to ask, “How are things at work / home?”. If possible, you can also ask, “Is there anything you would like me to get on the way home later?”
  • As you are heading home, call or text each other to say, “I’m on my way home. See you later!”
  • Before turning in for the night, tell each other, “Goodnight! Sweet dreams!”

You can do the above through little notes or letters, or through your actions too!

#2 For the Husband: How to Communicate with Your Wife

  • Listen attentively to your wife by putting aside things you are doing whenever she shares with you.
  • Encourage your wife by complimenting her on her strengths.
  • Show your love through acts of service – take the initiative to do a household chore!

#3 For the Wife: How to Communicate with Your Husband

  • Always appreciate your husband’s talents, drive and character. Express your love through words of affirmation!
  • Acknowledge your husband’s diligence in doing his best and choose to hold back on criticism.

Be open to ask for help if you are facing problems in your marriage. For counselling services, contact TOUCH Family Services at 6709 8400.

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