5 Tips to Support Your Loved Ones with Diabetes

TOUCH Diabetes Support

5 Tips to Support Your Loved Ones with Diabetes

Research[1] shows that people with diabetes who receive stronger support at home are better able to manage their condition and are also healthier mentally.

Here are some tips by TOUCH Diabetes Support on how YOU can be that source of support to your family members living with diabetes:


    Provide a listening ear when your loved ones need it, listen to them and allow them to share about their struggles and stresses with you. Show your interest in their condition by making an effort to learn about diabetes.


    Appreciate that living with diabetes is not easy! Managing diabetes is hard work, so try not to nag at them but instead let your loved ones know that you recognise and appreciate the effort they put in in managing their condition.


    Some helpful actions to show your support to your loved ones with diabetes include things like accompanying him/her to a doctor’s appointment and reminding him/her to take his/her medication. If you are not sure, just ask! Ask them what would be helpful for them or if there is anything they need.

    Keep a look out for Hypoglycaemia (Hypos*) and Hyperglycaemia (Hypers**). If you notice your loved ones expressing any of these symptoms, encourage them to check their blood sugar levels and treat it accordingly.

  4. Be a PARTNER

    Share his/her journey in healthy eating and exercise! You can show your support to your loved ones by leading a healthier lifestyle together with them. Eating wisely and exercising together makes it more fun and enjoyable. It is also a way to encourage each other!

    Don’t forget to take care of yourself too! Managing diabetes can be hard work for your loved ones but understand that it can get stressful for you as a caregiver too... and it is normal! Don’t be afraid to talk and share about your feelings with someone you trust. If it’s helpful for you, join a caregiver support group where you can share your feelings and be encouraged by other caregivers’ stories too!

Do you or your family member need help in managing diabetes? TOUCH Diabetes Support is here to journey with you. Get in touch with us at 6252 2861.

This article is contributed by TOUCH Diabetes Support (TDS). TDS aims to build a community of care and support for people living with insulin-treated diabetes. Since 1992, TDS has been reaching out to people with diabetes to achieve good control of their sugar levels through lifestyle changes and regular health checks.

[1] https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4624026/

*Hypos is when someone’s blood sugar level is too low (<4mmol/L), and this may make your loved one experience giddiness, sweating, fast heartbeat, tremors or confusion. Quickly eating or drinking something sweet will bring up their blood sugar level and alleviate their symptoms.

**Hypers is when your loved ones blood sugar level is too high (> 10mmol/L), this may make him feel irritable, thirsty and experience frequent urination.