Fun Shopping

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Fun Shopping

Caption: NHG staff volunteer Shu Ting explaining to Mr Chia (middle) and Mdm Teo (right) the different types of pesticides.

Mr Chia Ching Teck, 77, strolled happily into the supermarket with his wife Mdm Teo Ah Nong, at Kallang Wave Mall on 23 April. Accompanied by Shu Ting, a staff volunteer from the National Healthcare Group (NHG), the couple from TOUCH Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) at Yishun was eager to search for a pesticide that could kill bed bugs.  

“I am so glad we can come to this big supermarket in a shopping mall. It is not easy finding the right pesticide. I can’t wait to spray on the bed bugs that have been crawling from my neighbour’s home,” said Mr Chia. 

“Our place is not so convenient. As we have weak legs, we take a longer time to walk to the market. If we walk too far, we will feel breathless. This grocery shopping helps us a lot as we can stock up on the things we need to buy. There are volunteers who can help us carry the items too and that’s good,” added Mr Chia who walks with a walking stick. 

Lending a helping hand
Some 20 staff volunteers were paired with 20 TSAC seniors as they enjoyed an afternoon of grocery shopping as part of NHG HQ’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. All in, it was a fruitful day for the seniors as they returned home with trolleys filled with grocery items. This was made possible via funds raised by staff of NHG HQ.

Photo caption: TSAC senior Mdm Leong with NHG staff volunteer Teresa Chua at the supermarket

Another happy senior was Mdm Leong Foong Chan, 69, who filled her shopping basket with condiments like vinegar, rice wine and sesame oil.

“I enjoy going for such outings as I have a long list of items to buy. I feel so happy. I can’t wait to cook for my grandchildren!” said Mdm Leong with a smile.

The joy of volunteering
“Volunteering in this activity has made me understand the needs of seniors better. I realised that seniors cherish their independence and do want to make their own choices. I am glad volunteers like us can lend a helping hand and value add to their shopping experience by showing them the different brand types and options, and compare prices for them,” said NHG volunteer Teresa Chua.

Caption: Volunteers and seniors looking fulfilled after a happy afternoon of shopping and eating at Kallang Wave Mall. NHG also presented TOUCH a mock cheque at the event to support and enrich the seniors’ activities.

Since 2017, some 40 NHG staff have bonded with seniors from TOUCH Elderly Group through outings and delivering meals.

“We are glad to work with TOUCH in reaching out to seniors. It has been an enriching journey for us to organise outings, Meals-On-Wheels, and provide our staff with the opportunity to connect with the seniors. We look forward to adding years of healthy life to our population,” said Ms Rosemary Soong, Director, Group HR, Talent Management & Projects.

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