Parenting in the digital age

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Parenting in the digital age

Children are exposed to digital media and technology at a younger age. Some, as young as two, are already frequent users of gadgets, because parents use them as babysitting tools. With early exposure to digital gadgets, cyber wellness programmes should start early too. Cyber wellness education has to be extended to pre-schools to equip and prepare these young, developing minds for the digital world. Early cyber wellness values education will provide the foundation for good cyber habits and nurture positive attitudes in the digital age.

At TOUCH, we are committed to develop quality, age-appropriate cyber wellness programmes for pre-school children. The CRuSHExplorer Parent Resource Kit is developed to support parents as they raise up their young children in this digital age. There are insightful resources in the kit to educate and inculcate positive cyber wellness values in their children.

Download the CRuSH Explorer Parents' Kit here!

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