New facility to keep residents happy, healthy and helpful

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New facility to keep residents happy, healthy and helpful
Caption: Architecturally, the new facility will feature a ribbon of spaces extending from indoors to outdoors, with a continuous shelter that allows pockets of activities to co-exist. (Photo Credit: Lien Foundation and COLOURS)

Residents in an Ang Mo Kio precinct can look forward to TOUCH Community Services’ new facility scheduled to be built by the end of 2018. 

The upcoming new facility is part of TOUCH's Community Enablement Project or CEP to build a safe, self-reliant and stimulating environment for seniors. It will offer interest-based activities, opportunities for exercise and rehabilitation, and above all, equip residents with skills to help other seniors - especially those who are frailer and more vulnerable - to age in place. It will also run Lien Foundation’s Gym Tonic strength training programme for seniors, which helps fight frailty. 

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Caption: TOUCH hopes the new facility will be a go-to-point for seniors to take charge of their own lives and be equipped to support other vulnerable seniors in their midst. (Photo Credit: Lien Foundation & COLOURS)

“TOUCH has been serving seniors for more than two decades. We are aware that many of them prefer to live at home and in their community for as long as possible. Through our Community Enablement Project or CEP, we tap on our eldercare expertise to develop residents and other stakeholders as community resources so that the elderly can continue to live safely and meaningfully regardless of their needs or stage in life,” said Mr Kavin Seow, Senior Director, Elderly Group, TOUCH Community Services. 

The new facility, modeled after the Community Pocket typology designed by COLOURS, a community space specialist, will be located at a void deck at Blk 433, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10. Covering two and a half basketball courts, it will feature a glass partitioned void deck space which extends out seamlessly to the pavilions and sheltered walkways surrounded by lush greenery. There will also be pockets of spaces where residents can gather comfortably with family or friends at any time of the day. 

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Caption: Seniors who are healthy as well as those who need rehabilitation can benefit from Gym Tonic's strength training programme (Photo Credit: Lien Foundation & COLOURS)

“As part of our CEP, this new facility will be an activity node and a community gym. It will be a launch pad for residents to be engaged, equipped and activated as resources in the community to help seniors age in place. It is TOUCH’s vision to build Strong Families, Caring Generations and Enabled Communities,” added Mr Seow. 

TOUCH’s new facility was designed with inputs from more than 200 residents over four workshops conducted by TOUCH and COLOURS. A separate survey  by TOUCH involving 500 seniors showed that 8 in 10 knew of an elderly or a distressed caregiver in the neighbourhood, and half indicated their desire to be a volunteer. 

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Caption: Residents having breakfast together after an exercise session held at a void deck. 

“I am so excited that the gym is located near my block. It is so convenient for to take part in the activities. I hope to learn new skills so that I can help other seniors. I also look forward to a nice place where my neighbours and I can hang out,” said Mdm Violet Yeo, 57, an Ang Mo Kio resident.