Getting to know seniors better through person-centred care

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Getting to know seniors better through person-centred care
Caption: THC client Mr Lim The Leng (middle) interacting with therapists Ms Vivian Lim (right) and Ms Koh Wee Xin (left)

TOUCH Home Care (THC) client Mr Lim The Leng, 69, used to be fit and socially active in his younger days. Now, he is frail and suffers from diabetes and hypertension. A stroke also left him leaning towards the left, affecting his sense of balance. Mr Lim was then put on THC’s home rehabilitation programme to help him improve his mobility. So when THC’s physiotherapist Ms Vivian Lim learnt from a fellow nurse that Mr Lim used to enjoy Latin Dancing in the past, she thought of a creative idea – to incorporate Latin music in her therapy sessions. Mr Lim responded well, especially on days when he was feeling down and achieved his therapy goals after a few sessions.

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Caption: THC client Mdm Kusbiah fulfilling her wish of visiting Gardens By the Bay.

Soon, care professionals from TOUCH can have deeper insights into their senior clients' social and life histories, interests, likes and dislikes with the launch of IngoT PCC (Person-Centred Care), an IT initiative by Lien Foundation and designed by local IT solution provider, Pulsesync. IngoT PCC is an enhancement of IngoT2, which covers the integration of THC’s client data including the clinical and social modules, and claims subvention to facilitate better client care management.

IngoT PCC will enable care professionals to learn more about family relationships and the presence of support network, identify service gaps and recommend solutions. Data on clients’ past hobbies, key motivations, favourite music and special skills will also be useful in curating activities or volunteering opportunities, and to better engage persons with dementia.

“IngoT PCC is a natural progression of our concerted efforts to leverage on cutting-edge technology to further expand our efforts to benefit all seniors under TOUCH. It will also help us to better engage our key stakeholders from the Community Enablement Project where we hope to mobilise community resources and get them involved in our seniors’ total care. This is in line with TOUCH’s efforts to be a community enabler - to provide a seamless continuum of care to enable seniors to age-in-place,” said Mr Kavin Seow, Director of TOUCH Home Care and TOUCH Caregivers Support.

Using a common technology platform with interactive Facebook-like profiles and a family portal, family members and befrienders can soon share relevant information, which will also help to improve senior care outcomes.