3 Ways to Curb Junior’s Social Media Addiction

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3 Ways to Curb Junior’s Social Media Addiction

3 Ways to Curb Junior’s Social Media Addiction

Is your child constantly glued to his/her mobile device and often distracted by notifications from various social media applications? 

Here are three ways to curb your child’s social media usage and help him/her spend more time engaging with people in the real world!  

 1. Be a role model

If we want the kids to follow our instructions, we need to first model it for them and monitor our own social media usage!

2. Turn off instant pop-up or badge notifications

Children are likely to respond immediately whenever they see pop-up notifications, distracting them from the task at hand. Encourage your child to turn off social media notifications and check for updates only during certain periods in the day.  

3. Plan offline activities as a family

Being engaged in a fun sport or activity keeps the kids occupied and grounded in the real world, hence limiting their use and reliance on social media to stave off boredom. You’d get to spend quality time as a family too! 

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TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW) is a trailblazer in the field of cyber wellness education and counselling programmes, supported by the Ministry of Social and Family Development, Media Development Authority and Media Literacy Council. Since 2001, TCW has worked to promote cyber wellness, healthy gaming and online safety, reaching out to 360 schools and more than 1.6 million youths, parents, educators and counsellors. TCW is also the key agency providing counselling on cyber wellness issues.

At its PlanetCRUSH (Cyberspace Risks and where U Seek Help) Cyber Wellness Centres at Bukit Merah and Hougang, TCW provides a healthy gaming environment, engaging workshops and access to counsellors. Through TCW’s education programmes and research-validated intervention model, it works closely with youths, educators and parents to cultivate respect, a balanced lifestyle and responsible use of digital technologies to effect a positive and healthy cyber culture at home, in school and community. TCW’s materials are developed in-house through the TCW’s R&D team and in partnership with local and overseas researchers.

In 2011, TCW was awarded the Singapore Youth Award, the nation's highest youth accolade under the Community & Youth Services Team Category, in recognition of its commitment in encouraging holistic youth development through promoting cyber wellness, healthy gaming and online safety.