Delivering Loaves of Love to Others in the Community!

Staff Volunteering - Bread Delivery

Delivering some “loaves” with lots of love to our seniors! As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, TOUCH staff have embarked on a series of volunteer events in the community, including bread delivery to our Meals-On-Wheels (MOW) clients.  

Staff can choose from various volunteering opportunities, which provided meaningful interactions and understanding of the diverse work of TOUCH in serving the community. These include cleaning and retrofitting homes for the lower-income families and enabling our special needs trainees with life skills. 

Bread Delivery (3)

“It is a refreshing change from our daily deskbound roles. We understand better how our work has positively impacted lives in the community. ” Ms Vivien Lee shared. “We also get to bond with our teammates and uncover their hidden talents!” 

Lastly, our staff volunteers would like to share a tip about food delivery – team up with someone who is good with directions and maps. It will save you both time and energy!   

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