Empowering Trainees with Special Needs through Mobility Training

Mobility Training (1)
Front row seats to Coldplay and Westlife performances by the special needs trainees, learning the “cup song” and trying out the trainees' favourite soya milk - it was a different kind of workday for our staff volunteering at the TOUCH Centre for Independent Living (TCIL) at Ubi.  

Mobility Training (2)
Shared Chua Shu Ting from the Partnership team, "We brought the special needs trainees out to buy lunch in the neighbourhood and played games together. Although the activities may seem simple to us, they are part of the mobility training designed to help the trainees gain independent living skills by applying what they learned in a real-life setting."

For the past 2 years, interactions with the special needs trainees are often limited to virtual sessions. As such, Sim Mei Ching from the JOURNEY team appreciates the opportunity to know our special needs trainees better by physically spending time with them. Choosing mobility training to better understand the special artists behind the JOURNEY products, she was surprised by their talents in other areas as well.  

“We focus a lot on their artistic talent. After spending 2 days with them, I realised that the trainees are not only artistic, they are also very creative and musically inclined,” said Mei Ching.  

Mobility Training (3)
Mobility training is one of the volunteering activities that TOUCH staff can embark on as the organisation celebrates its 30th anniversary. For more information about our 30th anniversary, please visit www.touch.org.sg/30yearswithtouch