Where men gather

Where men gather

Caption: Seniors from TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513 gathering at a nearby sports facility

“It’s better for us to spend time at the Centre and see how we can help one another instead of complaining at the coffeeshop.”
...Mr Jimmy Loh

TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513 has also become a touchpoint for male seniors to connect over shared interests and enjoy one another’s company.

Mr Jimmy Loh, 74, was invited by a TOUCH staff to drop by the newly opened Active Ageing Centre – TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513 – some five years ago. The retired senior is single and lives alone. As an avid sportsman, Jimmy enjoys cycling and hiking. He also enjoys chatting with other residents in his block of flats, and is glad that the centre provides him with more opportunities to interact with other male seniors.

Since joining TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513, Jimmy’s social circle has widened to include other male seniors, such as Mr Yew Chew Meng, 74. Despite having pain in his leg, Chew Meng makes it a point to attend the centre’s activities together with his wife Mdm Thong Chui Fah, 74.

AAC senior Jimmy and wife
Caption: Mr Yew (left) and Mdm Thong (right) participating in a Mothers’ Day paper flower-making session at TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513

Spending time purposefully
“I like the variety of activities at the Centre. I don’t feel so bored. I also got to know other male seniors like Chew Meng. We males have our own thinking and we tend to only choose activities that we want to take part in. I like to join the morning walks and festive events. I was also invited to the weekly Breakfast Club which served as a good ice breaker. Everyone is happy.”

“It’s also good bonding for us males. It’s better for us to spend time at the Centre and see how we can help one another instead of complaining at the coffeeshop,” says Jimmy, who adds that he sees volunteering as his way of contributing to society. “It’s so satisfying to help other seniors.”

Breakfast Club
Caption: Jimmy (centre) attending a Breakfast Club session with other seniors from TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513

AAC seniors Jimmy and Yew Meng

Caption: Jimmy (left) and Mr Yew (right) have benefited from the companionship and mutual support among male seniors

Jimmy leading calligraphy
Caption: Jimmy engaging seniors through calligraphy

Jimmy and senior calligraphy

Caption: Mdm Yeo Ah Soon, 81 (right), mentored by Jimmy (left), was excited to share with her grandchildren her Chinese calligraphy piece

Jimmy chips in to help by serving breakfast to vulnerable seniors, providing logistical support for events and delivering care packs to needy residents. His passion for calligraphy also led him to be the lead coordinator of the newly formed calligraphy interest group.

“I will encourage my friends to join an Active Ageing Centre. It makes life more interesting and you get to know more people,” says Jimmy.

TOUCH runs five Active Ageing Centres (AACs) located in Ang Mo Kio, Geylang Bahru, Wellington and Yishun. AACs serve all seniors living within the neighbourhood, and act as a go-to-point to receive timely access to quality care. Our AACs are supported by TOUCH’s trans-disciplinary team of eldercare specialists, leveraging community resources to achieve long-term wellness to prevent and delay frailty, and to help seniors age well in the community.  

Story published in 2024.