Taking the First Step in Youth Volunteerism

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Taking the First Step in Youth Volunteerism

Are you a youth looking to spend your time meaningfully and embark on exciting adventures? Consider giving back and volunteering with the community! Studies have shown that volunteering offers lifelong benefits and develops vital life skills for school, work, or life [1].

If you are a parent, take the lead in volunteering with your child, and then encourage them to volunteer on their own [3]. When you give back, you are showing your child first-hand how acts of kindness can impact lives [2]. Apart from allowing your child to give back to society, volunteering helps to build character in your child and teaches them about empathy and compassion. 

Let's dive into the benefits of youth volunteerism and why you should take the first step. 


Builds connections with others: Volunteering is a great avenue to network and expand your connections. Volunteering with others can boost your social skills and help you connect with people from all walks of life [2]. Research has shown that those who volunteer are more likely to make a friend [4]. It is also easier to form and maintain friendships when there is a common interest.  

Improves mental well-being: Studies have found that giving to a cause can deliver pleasure, social connection, and trust, which produces good feelings in us [6]. Engaging in meaningful connections through volunteering can reduce stress and significantly lift your mood [2]. Your self-esteem and confidence can greatly improve when you make a difference in the lives of others.  

Discovers sense of purpose: As a youth, volunteering can be an incredible way to get to know yourself and discover what fulfils you in life, while making plans for the future. Having a wide variety of volunteering opportunities allows you to discover unexplored interests and passions [5]. Being in the service of others may even direct you to new ideas, adventures and purposes in life [2].  

Cultivates gratitude and empathy for others: The opportunity to serve the community plays a vital role in growing one's empathy, compassion, and kindness. It inspires gratitude in your life by reminding you to count your blessings daily. Research also suggests that cultivating gratitude in everyday life is the key to personal happiness, good health, and building social bonds [6]. 

If you are keen to take the first step, here are some opportunities for your consideration.


Children Mentor: Do you enjoy teaching children? As a children mentor under TOUCH Young Arrows, you will conduct weekly activities such as free academic coaching, value-driven activities, and year-round family bonding events. These activities aim to help the children realise their full potential and gain the confidence to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Find out more here

Essential Care Volunteer: If you are passionate about helping those with intellectual disabilities, this is for you! Volunteers will assist to guide the clients on daily living such as community living and social skills, so that they can be integrated back into the community. Find out more here.   

Meals on Wheels Volunteer: Meals on Wheels, a meal delivery programme, serves to meet the daily needs of homebound seniors. Enable them to live well by delivering their meals every day! Find out more here

For more volunteering opportunities at TOUCH, check out our list of volunteer activities or contact us at [email protected]

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