Our Legacy - activating potential through art

Our Legacy - activating potential through art

Caption: Harnessing seniors' potential and strengthening community bonding

'Our Legacy’ exhibition by TOUCH Community Services celebrates our seniors’ active contributions in the community.  This exhibition, to be held at the Yishun Public Library from 19 November to 19 December (11.00am to 9.00pm), features six winning vibrant artworks by seniors from TOUCH Active Ageing, which convey stories of their cultural heritage, care for others, and courage to learn new things.

This project is funded by the WeCare Arts fund, supported by the North West Community Development Council and the National Arts Council. The exhibits delve into the Peranakan Culture, featuring the seniors’ favourite kuehs in acrylic and presented on a canvas.

Be amazed by the lovely creations of our talented seniors, and their ability to inspire hope and impact lives.

For enquiries, please call TOUCH Active Ageing at 6257 0540 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm).

Rainbow Lapis (Mr Tan Yoke Soo, 88)

MAIN_Tan Yoke Soo

Mr Tan is a man of the arts. He enjoys portrait painting and calligraphy in his free time. He illustrates one of his favourite kuehs – the Rainbow Lapis – which is filled with vivid colours that depict the wonderful moments that life offers. It also reminds him of his childhood memories, of how he would peel layer by layer when savouring the kueh. A fun and sweet experience!

When Mr Tan was asked by another senior if he wanted to join the art sessions, he was thrilled. It has been two decades since he had art classes and took part in an exhibition.

“We should try to use the best time in our golden years to learn new things other than art. It can be anything that interests you."

Teochew Png Kueh (Mdm Lena Loh Buck Li, 70)

Lena Loh Buck Li

Mdm Loh is an arts enthusiast. She has always loved the arts but did not have the opportunity to pursue her interest. The retiree enjoys travelling around for good food during her free time.

Mdm Loh has a special connection with the Teochew Png Kueh.  Symbolising longevity, the kueh reminds her of the times when her family would gather together to make Png Kueh. Reminiscing about the past brings comfort and joy.

“I have always enjoyed art since young. So when I was asked if I was keen to join the art classes, the feeling was amazing. I felt like I was thirsting for it! My 89-year old mother whom I am also helping to take care of was happy to see my paintings. It was a proud moment for the both of us.”

My Favourites (Mdm Leong Lai Wah, 74)

Leong Lai Wah

Mdm Leong enjoys socialising and helping people in need. She is a keen learner and believes in living life to the fullest.  This learning experience has given her renewed confidence to embrace change and positivity in life. 

Painting kuehs brings back precious memories from the past. Reminiscing about the good old times has helped Mdm Leong cherish what matters to her. Her love for nature can be seen in how she draws the plate which depicts the shape of a leaf.

“I like to use my imagination to create things. This is why I thought of using a leaf instead of a plate. I was very happy when I found the perfect brush – a dye hair brush – to paint the dots on the coconut kueh to give it a more natural feel. It feels great to see something I have created turning out so well."

Rainbow Lapis (Mdm Lee Soo Lin, 72)

Lee Soo Lin

Mdm Lee enjoys painting and would paint whenever she is free at home. She finds it meaningful to paint together with friends. She continues to upgrade her artistic skills through watching YouTube videos. 

Mdm Lee illustrates one of her favourite kuehs, the Rainbow Lapis.  The vibrant colours of the kueh makes her feel happy. It also reminds her of how she used to make Rainbow Lapis with her sister – all by themselves. Those were unforgettable fun moments! 

“I am so inspired by my friends at the centre who can paint so well. Doing art is so relaxing as it helps to take your mind off stressful thoughts.”

My Favourite Kueh (Mdm Mok Ah Mui, 81)

Mok Ah Mui

Mdm Mok may be a wheelchair user. But that has not stopped her from socialising and taking part in the activities organised by TOUCH’s active ageing centre. She is also a volunteer with the Arts from the Heart Interest Group. She also enjoys sharing her art pieces with family members and friends.

Mdm Mok illustrates her favourite kueh, the Ang Ku Kueh. She enjoys eating Ang Ku Kueh from a stall in Yishun and painting the kueh reminds her of her favourite snack. 

“I have never drawn or painted in my life. I can hardly control my hand movements ever since I had a fall. I am happy that I am able to discover my hidden talents at my age. I could not believe it was my painting. I kept asking ‘How can it be that I can draw so well?’ Life is full of surprises!”

Ang Ku Kueh (Mdm Chong Sam Moy, 71)

Chong Sam Moy

Since young, Mdm Chong loves to do art, especially painting. She admires the artists for their beautiful artworks and aspires to paint like them. Mdm Chong has emerged more confident and willing to step out of her comfort zone to try new things.

Whenever Mdm Chong sees the Ang Ku Kueh, she thinks of her mother who used to make Ang Ku Kueh at home. She would use sweet potato paste as the filling for the Ang Ku Kueh.

“I am grateful to TOUCH for giving us this chance to learn new things. It helps to motivate us and gives us courage to discover our strengths..”