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My Favourite Days


My Favourite Days – an Augmented Reality (AR) storybook is a collaborative project by TOUCH Community Services, Meta, Meshminds and the Smart Nation and Digital Government Office.

The story conveys a heart-warming interaction between a little girl and her grandpa through a journey of self-discovery. Young readers will get to stretch their imagination on the future career possibilities offered by technology and be inspired by a future where technology improves lives and opens up fresh opportunities in our work that we would not have imagined!

Through the AR book lens, the future looks to be an exciting one, where lives are enriched through technology, and everyone has a stake in realising these possibilities. We hope that the book will not only plant early seeds amongst our young to realise their dreams with the aid of technology, but also bring families together as we explore a smart future together.

My Favourite Days is now available for loan at all National Library Board branches.

Click here for a softcopy of the book. Please note that the book needs to be laid flat on a horizontal surface for the AR filters to work.

Click here to learn more about the book!


Watch the instructional video here or follow the instructions below! 

1. Lay the book on a horizontal surface.

2. Scan the QR code on each AR page to open the effect for that page in Instagram or head to the 'Effects' tab at @touchcommunityservices on Instagram to select the relevant effect.

2. Using your smartphone in portrait mode, point the camera at the image on the page to activate the AR experience. Don’t forget to enable audio for the full experience!

3. Once it starts, please turn your smartphone to landscape mode for best viewing.

4. AR effect not loading? Try quitting the application and try again.


Before you begin:

1. Ensure you have the latest version of the Instagram application downloaded on your smartphone. All the AR experiences for this book will need the Instagram application.

2. Position children in a semi-circle in front of you to allow enough space for you to move in front of the book with your smartphone to activate the AR experiences and for them to be able to look over your shoulder.

3. Have a large enough table or surface next to you to lay the book flat.