Embracing positivity in life

Embracing positivity in life

Caption: Mdm Chew ageing well at home

Since young, Mdm Chew Siew Teng, 73,  has polio and mobility issues. She suffers from an unsteady gait and weak legs. Her husband passed on 15 years ago. Mdm Chew now lives alone in her flat in Bukit Batok. She left her job as a seamstress some 10 years ago after her sewing machine broke down. By then, her legs were starting to grow weaker and she could no longer walk long distances.

Despite these constraints, Mdm Chew is a positive person who values her independence and enjoys meeting people. However, six years ago, Mdm Chew suffered a fall at home, which left her hospitalised for three weeks. She fell again several times at home, leaving her feeling anxious. Eventually, she was prescribed a wheelchair to help her move around. Preparing meals was a constant struggle as she was afraid of falling outside when buying groceries. Fortunately, Mdm Chew was referred to TOUCH Home Care’s (THC) Meals-On-Wheels (MOW) programme, where she received meals delivered to her doorstep daily by volunteers.

Caption: MOW has helped seniors like Mdm Chew to live independently at home.

Caption: Volunteers from CapitaLand delivering special meal treats to seniors through the #LoveOurSeniors community initiative by CapitaLand Hope Foundation (CHF).

“As I am prone to falls, it helps that I don’t have to worry about my daily meals. Sometimes, we get special meal treats too! Each time I see volunteers at my gate, my face will light up. I will thank them and they will smile. It’s nice to see people helping the less fortunate in society,” says Mdm Chew.

Mdm Chew shows kindness by helping her friends with simple sewing tasks like fixing a button or zipper. “I can no longer sit for hours to sew dresses as I feel pain all over my body. I will still do what I can to help out,” said Mdm Chew with a smile.

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Story published in 2021
Updated in 2024