Paying it forward with hearty meals

Paying it forward with hearty meals

Caption: Showing kindness to the vulnerable in society during the pandemic

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Good food brings people together. During the pandemic, families getting together to enjoy a nice meal can help strengthen family bonds, providing a source of strength and comfort.

Some 300 low-income families from TOUCH Community Services experienced that last year as they enjoyed tasty meals in the comfort of their homes. Thanks to Bento4Good, a fundraising campaign by Brewerkz and TOUCH, to these families received a touch of love, care and happiness at home.

Caption: Brewerkz staff rolling up their sleeves to pack meals as part of Bento4Good

Caption: Brewerkz staff volunteers delivering meals to TOUCH’s clients

The bento-set meals included signature dishes like grilled fjord trout, truffled mushroom pasta, and baby back ribs. Excess funds were also channelled to provide groceries for low-income families.

“With the Covid-19 outbreak, everyone has been affected greatly. From business, healthcare workers to low-income families and more; this is a difficult time for all. However, our struggles have made our desire to help families in need even stronger,” said a Brewerkz Spokesperson.

Everyone can help to brighten the lives of the disadvantaged, many of whom are still struggling to provide for their families during the pandemic. You can tap on your company’s strengths or skillsets to bring cheer to our clients or work alongside us to explore creative solutions to impact lives. Because #EveryoneCanBeSomeone.

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A beneficiary family
Anna (not her real name) lives with her parents and four siblings in a two-room rental flat.  In such a small living environment, her father who is the sole breadwinner, is trying his best to put food on the table for his family of seven. Due to covid-measures, his salary has been reduced as a pest control officer.

Anna’s mother has been taking care of the five children, the youngest of whom is 4 years old, and looking for a part-time job. With most of the family staying home during this time, she also has to juggle childcare needs of the children, and ensuring that they receive adequate nourishment in their growing years. 

Anna and her 9-year old brother are from TOUCH Young Arrows Sengkang Club. Despite their struggles, the family remains close-knit and is hopeful that times will get better.