Mental Activities for Seniors

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Mental Activities for Seniors

As you age, it is important to pay more attention to your health so that you may better enjoy your golden years.

We often hear people keeping a balanced diet and an exercise regime to improve their physical health. But did you know that there are things you can do to maintain or improve your cognitive health too? Keeping your mind active can improve your memory and even help prevent or delay dementia.

Here are some activities recommended by TOUCH Active Ageing Centre to keep seniors mentally active and cognitively well!

Boosting Seniors' Cognitive Health

TOUCH Active Ageing's (TAA) centres serve as go-to-points to provide accessible and timely support to residents. To strengthen community care networks, these activation nodes empower seniors with new skills, connect them to neighbours and offer opportunities to give back as volunteers. Supported by TOUCH’s trans-disciplinary team of eldercare specialists and leveraging residents as assets, TAA helps seniors improve physical and mental wellness, and works towards preventing or delaying frailty and dementia.