The Alternative Yusheng Recipe

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The Alternative Yusheng Recipe

As you ushered in 2019, you made a promise to yourself to eat more healthily this year. You started off confident but sense your resolve weakening as you pass by supermarket shelves filled up with tempting Lunar New Year goodies.

Let’s face it, the food associated with the Lunar New Year isn’t the healthiest and many of us are often overwhelmed by a sense of guilt and a thicker waistline by the end of the 15 days. However, it doesn’t have to be this way!

The trick to a healthier Lunar New Year is to watch your portions and swap out innutritious ingredients for healthier ones which would do you good while not compromising on taste and texture. For example, snack on almonds instead of peanuts, replace the fried crackers in your yusheng with crispy whole wheat cereal, or simply cut back on the oil used in your cooked dishes.

Here, TOUCH Diabetes Support shares an alternative yusheng recipe which is lower in calories but still big on taste!  

The Alternative yusheng recipe

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