Learning to become awesome grandparents!

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Learning to become awesome grandparents!

Caption: Mr Low and Mdm Ong mastering the art of handicraft to engage their grandchildren

Mr Seet Twi Yong, 66, and Mdm Wong Bee Wan, 59, have no grandchildren, but they are all set to be cool ones. Thanks to TOUCH counsellors Mr Chan Hon Shek and Mdm Lai Fung Ling, who conducted interactive workshops - “Joy of grandparenting” - with some 20 Ang Mo Kio elderly residents last month. The residents were taught practical handles on how to connect with their young adult children and grandchildren, and find joy in grandparenting.

Caption: Showing participants how to bond with the young through craft work

“The key to enjoying a warm and nurturing relationship with their children and grandchildren is to be happy – to be positive and see things from a different lens. We teach them not to impose their own standards and habits on their loved ones, and to be open and flexible,” said Mr Chan.

The residents also learnt how to become a supportive resource in helping their adult children nurture resilient and competent children. They were also taught how to manage conflicts and improve communication with their loved ones.

Caption: All set to have fun with their grandchildren!

Caption: AMK residents feeling empowered to impact lives

“I enjoy the sessions a lot. I think it is important for us grandparents to know how to engage the younger ones in meaningful ways. When I gave the handicraft to my grandchildren, they were so happy. They were laughing away as we taught them how to fold it,” said Mr Low Hon San, 80 and Mdm Ong Chwee Kim, 75.

“We are encouraged to see our seniors walking away with renewed confidence to become awesome grandparents! They are already learning how to take care of themselves through exercise sessions and health talks. We hope these new skills will enable our seniors to be empowered to enjoy good relations with family members and have a strong sense of purpose in life,” said Mr Kavin Seow, Senior Director, TOUCH Elderly Group.