Enjoying their golden years with others

Enjoying their golden years with others
Caption: TSAC member Mr Ho (first row third from left) celebrating his birthday with his wife (first row second from left), friends and volunteers from Wing Tai Holdings Limited

It was a special day for Mr Ho Yue Soh, 78, as he stepped into TOUCH Senior Activity Centre (TSAC) at Blk 436, Yishun Avenue 11, carrying his birthday cake in one hand and holding his wife’s hand with the other. The loving couple was there to attend a Bingo and Hi-tea session sponsored by one of TSAC’s corporate partners on 8 June 2017.

Also present were some 20 volunteers who spent an afternoon with some 50 seniors from TSAC Yishun at blocks 436 and 162 as they played games and served them food. They also chatted and mingled with the seniors.

“I feel happy I can celebrate my birthday with everyone. I was touched to see my friends from TOUCH Senior Activity Centre sharing my joy as they clapped and sang the birthday song. It has been a long time since I last celebrated my birthday with so many people. The volunteers were very friendly, too, as they chatted with us in Mandarin. They have made my day so special!” said Mr Ho with a bright smile.

Mr Ho and his wife Mdm Chan Liew Poh, 76, have been dropping by the newly opened centre at their block daily for the past few months. Instead of spending time in the coffeeshop or watching TV at home, they are now a familiar face at the centre, which is frequented by many elderly residents from all races. As Mdm Chan is only able to walk short distances due to a bad fall five years ago which weakened her legs, having the centre located at her block is a welcome relief.

“I like to meet my neighbours here with my husband. I find them more familiar now. When we see them in the neighbourhood, we will always stop to say hello and chat with them. When we come to the centre, we think of happy things and do the things we enjoy - and that is good,” said Mdm Chan with an infectious smile.