Building Confidence And Positive Attitude

TOUCH Young Arrows

Building Confidence And Positive Attitude

11-year-old Fateha lives with her parents, paternal grandparents, two younger sisters and an older cousin in a three-room flat. Most of the time, Fateha’s grandmother takes care of them as both her parents are busy at work to make ends meet.

In March 2013, Fateha joined TYA (Teban Gardens) together with her younger sisters and cousin when she was in Primary Three. Initially, Fateha was shy and reserved. However, she gradually opened up after attending TYA’s activities as she gained confidence in interacting with other children and her mentors.  

With constant love and encouragement from her mentors, Fateha’s social interaction with her peers improved significantly. She looks forward to attending Club meetings on Saturdays. Fateha would also make the effort to befriend other children at the Club. For example, she would explain to them how the games are played and encourage them to do their best in winning the game as a team.

Fateha’s grandmother and parents are happy to see that she is now more conscientious in her studies. She has also become more diligent in completing her homework on time, and is able to set simple goals for herself. Fateha’s efforts in her studies paid off when in 2014, she achieved a significant academic milestone when she came in first in class.  Fateha’s positive attitude towards learning and to others endears her to her peers and siblings who look up to her as a role model.


Some 450 children meet every Saturday in 21 TYA clubs island-wide to take part in activities including academic coaching and values-driven enrichment activities.

TYA’s weekly tuition programme for 2015 is supported by the People’s Association Community Development Fund (PACDF).