Giving Back in Big and Small Ways

Giving Back in Big and Small Ways

Caption: Mdm Chong and her husband enjoy giving back to other seniors and participating in activities at TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513. 

Mdm Chong Ching Foong spends her free time playing Rummy-O and taking walks in Singapore’s parks with her friends from TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513 to keep healthy.  

As one of the pioneer batches of seniors invited to join the Centre when it first opened in 2018, Mdm Chong is not only an active participant but also an active contributor in various capacities.  

Giving Back as an Individual

The 75-year-old used to work as a clinic assistant, aiding doctors in taking patients’ blood pressure and drawing blood. With her expertise, Mdm Chong was happy to help out at the Centre by taking seniors’ blood pressure before the start of higher intensity activities like exercise or dance classes.  

Mdm Chong taking blood pressure Mdm Chong talking to senior
Caption: Mdm Chong helping to take a senior's blood pressure at the Centre.

With her interest in helping others and experience working with patients, Mdm Chong was selected as one of the seniors to join a one-day course on Psychological First Aid. Through this course, the seniors were equipped with skills to determine signs of stress, learnt the basics of providing psychological first aid, and guided on how to establish human connections in a non-intrusive and compassionate manner.   

Stepping Out of Her Comfort Zone

After the course, Michelle Wu, staff at TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513, encouraged Mdm Chong to give a simple sharing on her key takeaways at the Centre. Despite being quieter in nature and anxious about public speaking, Mdm Chong readily agreed to share her experience knowing that it would benefit other seniors.  

Mdm Chong sharing at the Centre Mdm Chong sharing at centre
Caption: Mdm Chong (in red) sharing takeaways from the Psychological First Aid course with seniors from TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513. 

“I was so encouraged to see Mdm Chong step out of her comfort zone to conduct this sharing. It’s not easy but I could see the look of achievement on her face after the session and we are so proud of her too!” shares Michelle Wu, staff from TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513, who hopes to organise a second sharing session with Mdm Chong this year. 

Giving Back as a Couple

Mdm Chong also shares a close relationship with her husband, Mr. Gian Hon, whom she often invites for Centre outings to Jewel Changi Airport or morning walks to Sembawang Park and National Orchid Garden.  

Mdm Chong and Mr Gian enjoying a meal
Caption: Mdm Chong and Mr. Gian enjoying a delicious meal during a Centre outing to Adam Road Food Centre.  

As a couple, Mdm Chong and Mr. Gian often provide support to other senior couples at the Centre by engaging them and lending a listening ear. Being in a similar life stage allows Mdm Chong and Mr. Gian to provide advice from their experiences to encourage and build up other couples.  

Mdm Chong and Mr Gian at the park
Caption: Mdm Chong and Mr. Gian enjoying themselves at the National Orchid Garden. 

Mdm Chong shares, “I like how TOUCHpoint@Wellington 513 is within walking distance from my house. After joining the Centre, my husband and I have become more active and made more friends – things which can help keep dementia at bay. We’ve also become happier people.”  

Mdm Chong and Mr. Gian demonstrate the power of supporting others through simple acts of kindness that go a long way to fostering a strong community spirit!  


TOUCH runs five Active Ageing Centres (AACs) located in Ang Mo Kio, Geylang Bahru, Wellington and Yishun. AACs serve all seniors living within the neighbourhood, and act as a go-to-point to receive timely access to quality care. Our AACs are supported by TOUCH’s trans-disciplinary team of eldercare specialists, leveraging community resources to achieve long-term wellness to prevent and delay frailty, and to help seniors age well in the community.  

Story published in 2024.