A Couple's Desire to Return the Help They Received

A Couple's Desire to Return the Help They Received

Caption: Meet Jason and Wendy, volunteers at TOUCH Marriage Support. 

Jason Lim and Wendy Wong volunteer as facilitators at TOUCH Marriage Support (TMS). For the past four years, they have been attending training sessions with TMS participants, visiting couples in their homes, sharing their experiences and guiding fruitful discussions on marriage-related topics. But before their role as volunteers, they are a couple going strong in their 23rd year of marriage and parents of three daughters. The secret lies in the very same programme they have come back to support.  

Growing Through the Marriage Preparation Programme

In the past, Jason and Wendy heeded their pastor’s advice to attend pre-marital counselling at TOUCH before their wedding. “The marriage preparation course helped us to navigate the transition from dating to marriage and made us realise that we have a lot of things to deal with prior to getting married,” shares Jason. 

The programme covered topics including extended family, finances, and sexual intimacy. Their counsellors assisted in identifying their unique strengths and potential growth areas to better understand different parts of their relationship and strengthen their union.   

Learning How to Navigate Marriage Together

The programme proved to be helpful in navigating their newly amalgamated lives. Jason shares, “Differences are magnified when you stay together. To me personally, this programme was a lifesaver because it created a safe environment for us to talk about really difficult issues.” 

They recall several takeaways that they have applied to keep their relationship strong throughout their marriage. For one, “communication is key”. They learned how to convey their feelings and needs in order to resolve conflicts and miscommunications.  

They also emphasised the need to prioritise the relationship above the problem itself. It is pertinent to stand together and work as a team to overcome challenges and achieve a desirable outcome.  

Giving Back to Other Couples

Jason and Wendy mentoring a couple
Caption: Jason and Wendy helping as facilitators at one of TMS's Marriage Preparation Programmes.

“The programme allowed us to meet like-minded people and couples who have walked the journey ahead of us. Beyond the programme, you know that there’s always somebody we can approach if we meet issues in our marriage,” shares Wendy.  

Jason and Wendy decided to volunteer at TMS to pass on the same help they previously received. They now volunteer alongside the same counsellors who guided them two decades ago. As facilitators, they enjoy sharing their wisdom and feel empowered to help young couples.  

Jason and Wendy continue learning a lot of new things and strengthening their marital relationship through their role as facilitators. Beyond volunteering, they also set aside time to spend with each other and keep the romance alive. The couple’s long-lasting and fulfilling union showcases the fruits of their efforts. 


TOUCH Marriage Support (TMS) is committed to building strong and healthy marriages through education, mentoring, intervention and advocacy. Through a range of holistic programmes led by experienced marriage educators and counsellors, TMS prepares young couples for marriage, strengthens spousal relationships, guides couples through conflict resolutions, and empowers couples to navigate and cope with the stressors and challenges which they may face in their marriage.

Story published in 2024.