The Work Assistance Programme adopts an individualised and holistic approach. We believe that a good job match is crucial. Hence, the initial assessment of the client is very important. Appropriate job-matching means finding job positions that offer a positive environment with competitive pay and potential for growth and advancement for the potential job seeker. It also means offering a prospective employer a productive and reliable employee to assist in the normal daily operations of the business. The objective of this programme is to assist our Deaf clients with securing and keeping a job.

Support for Employers

TOUCH Silent Club helps employers to recognise the unique capability and career aspirations of the Deaf, and encourage them to extend recruitment opportunities to the Deaf community. We conduct the following workshops for employers to support them in hiring Deaf workers:

  • Hiring and integrating the Deaf in the workplace (duration: 0.5 day)
  • Communicating with the Deaf in the workplace (duration: 1 day)

For more information, please email us at [email protected].